Activation of Inner Light, Christ Consciousness and a Fourtune Cookie

I often feel like I’m standing on a bridge between two different worlds.  One is 3D, mundane, filled with all sorts of complications and difficulties.  The other is a golden realm of unity, connection, and deep understanding.

Are you having these experiences too, on the bridge between worlds, sometimes high, sometimes low? It can feel like a roller coaster at times.

The last two videos I made were about taking action in your life and your community.  Getting connected and getting involved.  It’s important to be present in your body, to be honest with yourself and your emotions, and also to give yourself permission to “check out” now and then, if that is what you need to do.  We don’t have to be “ON” all of the time, having fun and down time is essential to stay in balance.

Today’s video is an uplifting meditation to support you in Activating Your Inner Light and to connect you to Christ Consciousness.  You are already connected to it, we all are, it is the higher consciousness of ascension and the Golden Realm.  

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Last Tuesday after I shared the second of the two videos on taking action, I was contemplating if the content of those videos was truly the best way to inspire others at this time.  Moments later I felt prompted to open up a fortune cookie (which I had a small pile of after a Chinese dinner the night before).

I adore how the Divine communicates with us, so effortlessly when we allow it.  I received my answer in that fortune cookie.


Let’s build this New World together. A world of love, unity, peace, joy, celebration, connectedness, caring, and mutual appreciation.  A world where we cherish each other and celebrate our uniqueness. Where nature is honored and the mystical is sacred and ever present.  A world where we offer support and upliftment to our friends in need, and where we know we will always be supported in our time of need.

There is nothing to wait for.  This new world is now, we are building it in every moment, with every thought, word, and deed.

Infinite love and blessings!