Activating the DNA CODES: A Free Masterclass

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This has been such an unusual day for me.  I woke up feeling heavy and even after two cups of coffee I felt so tired, as if I was dragging my body through waist high water as I moved.  I tried to work but my focus was also tired, and finally I succumbed to this heaviness and laid down in bed.

The first thing I felt was a huge amount of relief that the pressure of standing up was gone.  I simply allowed the relief to take over, and soon I was feeling an expansion of energy from within my body. My body started vibrating, as if every cell was dancing at the same time.  I did not resist this experience, but rather, I invited it, and opened my heart to the expansion I was feeling.

I felt the presence of the sun within me, originating from my heart center and I felt as if my body was filled from the inside out with bright white light accompanied by a frequency much higher than I usually experience within my human being.

I chose to surrender completely, I could feel the massiveness of what was occurring, although I didn’t know WHAT was going on.  The intensity kept building, there was a magnetism, a pressure, an expansion, and a frequency that was overwhelming, yet beautiful and indulgent and very enjoyable in the surrender state.

I felt the sun shining inside of my body, filling me with more light than a human could possibly hold.  Then I began to see symbols streaming through my mind so fast, faster and faster, there were alchemical symbols, mathematical symbols, hieroglyphs, Mayan symbols, celestial symbols, and so many symbols that I had no conscious idea what they were or what they meant.  I only knew that I was being downloaded with these symbols and that it wasn’t necessary to know the meaning at this time.

The symbols streamed through my consciousness for a period of time then they BURST into golden spiraling strands of DNA!  My vision was immersed in the most gorgeous DNA spirals made of etheric golden light swirling through my being, and I felt bliss, rapture, oneness, and completion.

I absorbed the experience for a little while longer, and then I got up feeling FULL OF ENERGY, lightness, and pure joy!  I still feel the buzzing energy in my heart center, and it feels like Divine Love.

This week my Ascension Training Group is practicing SURRENDER.  The experience I just had was possible because of my ability to surrender into it.  I have learned through years of these types of energetic encounters that what I resist becomes uncomfortable, scary, upsetting, and even painful.  Surrendering resistance allows me to expand and enjoy the journey.

My question for you today is this…

What are you resisting that could turn into a blessing if you were able to surrender to it?  

It doesn’t need to be something esoteric.  It could be a phone call you have been avoiding making.  A book you know you need to write, or making a request for assistance from a friend or neighbor.

One thing I know for sure is that I feel so much better when I follow my guidance and allow what shows up to be an expansive collaboration.

I want to share this experience with you.  I would love for you to unlock your DNA, activate your sacred symbols, and experience the etheric sunlight within you.

So I will be offering another masterclass called Activating the DNA Codes.  This class will be next Wednesday, April 29th at 12 noon Eastern time, 9am Pacific time.

I could charge for this class.  A masterclass activation like this is usually $197.  But instead I want to give this to you free of charge.

There will only be room for 100 participants.  My last masterclass had 86, so be sure to arrive early and get your virtual seat.

Here is the info- Save it!

And remember it is next Wednesday, April 29th.