Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda


“I was in spiritual ecstasy.  Floating with the Divine, God, the Universe, Singularity. For that moment I ceased to exist in any form but blissful love. My heart was consumed in undulating waves of love.”

My heart was changed in that experience. It was the alchemy of my old, partially open heart to my activated, ascended, open diamond heart. I knew from that moment on that I had to live a bigger life, a different life, a more open, expanded, generous, visible, loving life.”

Working with Waxela Sananda

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is a spiritual mentor, a Galactic Shaman, and an Embodied Ascension Trainer. Waxéla guides her clients on a transformational journey of clearing limiting beliefs and transforming stagnant energy into dynamic, creative possibility. 

Waxéla works with her clients in multiple dimensions, creating and holding space for each one to receive exactly what is needed to move into a higher state of awareness, and to clear old blocks and patterns.

Combining her celestial starseed consciousness and shamanic training, she guides her clients into personal embodiment of Divine Frequencies.


No matter how many times you have awoken already, know that there is more. 

There is always more. 

There is infinitely more. 

Be tenacious in your exploration of expansion and your deepening into Divine truth. You have the entire Multiverse working on your behalf to assist you in your ascension.

As you bring the essence of your new expanded fullness into your body more and more, you will feel more than you have ever felt before. 

There will be new energy, more colors, details, and a new crispness to life. The melancholy dullness of the world before will seem like a dream that you have woken up from. You will be effervescent, bubbling with life, and ready to share it with the world.

I believe in you. I know you can do this, and that you are ready for it because you found your way here.. Something about this site called to you and here you are, downloading the new programming that you need to succeed in life. Congratulations on embarking on this inward journey of transformation!

We all have trauma, the human experience does not come without difficulties. Trauma gets lodged in the body when it is not fully released. In the Embodied Ascension course you will learn how to release stored traumatic energy from the body.  Once you have found your shadow programs and done the work to identify, feel, and release them, I will show you how you can take it to the next level to recode them in order to have an upgraded program running in favor of your success.

Your life will change in miraculous ways! Are you ready for an upgrade?



Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is a Galactic Shaman, Embodied Ascension Trainer, Conscious Life Mentor, Activator of Spiritual Gifts, author, and host of The Alchemy of Ascension Summit and Podcast.

Her voice is a channel of light frequencies which activate the latent spiritual gifts and soul codes within her soul family.

Using consciousness technologies, such as the Lucia Light, Alkywan photon light energy technology, and Quantum Sound Therapy, Waxéla combines her celestial abilities and shamanic training to design consciousness shifting experiences.

Waxéla lives in Sarasota, Florida, and she travels the world speaking and offering workshops, events and retreats.

“My mission is to assist people in achieving a greater level of consciousness, upliftment, and inner peace in accordance with their highest good.”


“The Love You Crave feels like a genuine gift. Waxela’s work is authentic and truly heart based. This book offers a clear pathway to access our higher heart frequencies and an expanded awareness. I love Waxela’s easy to read style and guidance that made it possible to access deeply held beliefs and to begin living in the freedom of their absence. The shift I received from engaging with the material in the book is profound. Thank you Waxela.”
~Eva Anderberg