A Solstice Gift For You, Open to Receive the Solstice Light Activation

Summer Solstice for the northern hemisphere is this Saturday, June 20th, 2020. I love the numerology of that date. There will also be a solar eclipse on June 21st.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, meaning the day with the most sunlight. It’s a perfect day to align with your highest inner light, your highest truth, and your ascended consciousness!

My friend Heidi Sime of Primalhacker contacted me a few days ago to ask if I would record a guided meditation for her solstice retreat. I was delighted to bring forward a special summer solstice meditation to Activate the Embodiment of the Divine Light.

I am now sharing the meditation with you so that we can all listen and align to the solstice energy together, wherever you are on the planet, opening and activating expanded light within you and creating pathways of connection for the whole planet and beyond.

I invite you to listen to the meditation and when you are finished please leave me a comment on YouTube sharing that you have received the Solstice Light Activation.