A Secret Ascension Interview for Uplifting Humans!

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How are you?  I hope you are finding opportunities to recreate yourself and go deeply within, while buffering your mind from the chaos that’s going on “out there”.

During the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to do some interviews. This time I am the one being interviewed, and I have learned that I find it more comfortable being the interviewer vs the one being interviewed.

I am grateful for being asked to share my work, and I want to share a newly released interview from Salindran Bhullar for her Uplifting Humans podcast.  I met Salindran three years ago while we were both volunteering at a workshop in Tampa.  Salindran’s website is: https://www.upliftinghumans.com/ and you can listen to her podcasts there. She focuses on “tools, techniques, and tips that will help you navigate life with joy, love and ease.” My interview is Connection To The Divine #23.

Here is a little secret that I went digging for and found…I knew she recorded the interview so I did some searching and found the Salindran is putting the video version of her interviews on her YouTube channel.

Here is the YouTube version of my interview by Salindran Bhullar, please like and subscribe to her channel if you enjoy what she is sharing: