A Full Moon Transmission for YOU: The Essesnce of BEING

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Today I experienced infinity.

It is my intention to share this expansion with you.  To remind you that this is who you are.

Sit straight, take a deep, relaxing breath.  Now another.  Just open your heart to receive this transmission.

There is an experience beyond time and space where all creation exists as the Essence of BEING.

Call it God, The Universe, Infinity, Divine Light, Unity Consciousness. None of these terms begin to describe the experience of BEING it.

Infinite expansion in every direction and no direction as directions cease to exist.

Pure brilliant, white, light-less light expanding to a point that surpasses expansion.

The deepest connection to ALL THINGS that becomes NO thing as nothing is anything other than the Essesnce of BEING.

Everything is known, and there is nothing to know at the point of inclusion, where All is ONE. There is only BEING.

“I” expand “out” to include all consciousness, until consciousness is no longer a separate idea but an infinite inclusion to the point of OMNISCIENCE. Beyond omniscience is simply and profoundly

Being…  being…  being.

In this place there is no “I AM”, there is no “I”, there is only beingness.

Infinite Being
Pure Consciousness
Total Awareness

Stillness that contains every movement ever moved.

The emotion that holds every every feeling ever felt.

Completeness.  Totality.  Wholeness.  Singuarity.

And then… movement becomes explosive expansion in every direction of every dimension, the birth of dimension.

Awareness becomes deliciously insatiable curiosity that MUST KNOW “more”.

Nothing becomes everything.

A thought separates from the totality of consciousness.

There becomes an awareness of “I” as no time becomes all time.

This is where I AM is conceived, and the journey back to self begins again.


We all are.

Feel and receive the essence of being into your heart.
This is Divine LOVE. This is who you are, in your core.  Know yourself as worthy. Align to your soul’s worth and know the TRUTH of your infinite value beyond value.  You ARE LIFE.

These words are miniscule compared to the energetic transmission that is encoded within them.  Yet I know that part of you will understand what I have shared here because it is the TRUTH of BEING.

We are infinite expansion; the Essence of BEING.


I love you

I honor the Divinity in YOU