A Communication from the Sun; An Easter Message

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I am blessed to have spent the last several days on the crystalline sand and tranquil water of the Florida gulf coast.

Each morning I soak in the sunrise, and each evening I bask in the sunset. I have been consciously practicing the feeling expanded appreciation for this experience, as I attempt to appreciate the gorgeous vistas and soak in the light codes for all who can not experience them in person at this time of quarantine.

This expanded state of appreciation has brought me deeper into gratitude and communion with the earth and the elements.

Yesterday the sunset was a luminescent, multi layered magenta, with heavy pinks and the deep oranges of ripe mango filling the sky.

I woke up very early this morning, as I often do, and I inwardly saw the deep magenta sun. I went into contemplation about what it might be like to be the sun, giving life and sustenance to o ur planet. What a brilliant collaboration we have with the sun!

I found myself standing in front of a tall white doorway with a round, silver knob. I opened the door and stepped through the threshold.

I saw and felt the illumination of shimmering white light hovering over my body.  It was pure consciousness made up of many rays of radiance inviting me into deeper communion.  I opened my heart to it without hesitation, what a wonderful opportunity!

This light was inviting me to have a conversation with the Sun.

I could feel the attributes of the Sun’s ascended being.  The sun always shines, and even while we sleep in darkness it is illuminating the opposite side of the earth.

The Sun does not complain that it constantly shares its brightness and that without it’s warmth life would perish. I asked the sun if it ever gets tired or if it ever wishes to take a break.

The sun replied with such love and compassion that my heart expanded and tears streamed down my cheeks.

It is a great privilege to hold this much LIGHTI AM the Sun. I radiate. It is my gift and my privilege to do so. My light sustains life and ends life.  I love and shower my essence on all, and I remain unattached to the way I AM received. My light is too strong for some, who cannot  exist in my presence, still I honor my position, which is to hold and radiate light.

The planets are my children. I watch them as they grow, flourish, transform, and ascend. I also watch them as they leave their incarnations.  This does not cause me sadness, as my communion with them is not ended by their transition.”

I could feel the Sun’s exuberation for the earth and Gaia, and the ascension process that is happening now.

I could feel the heart of a proud parent, loving and nurturing its children, giving them life, and supporting them on their journey, and  also a much greater capacity for loving nonattachment that we are capable of as humans.

I basked there in the consciousness of the heart of the sun for a while. Then I found myself back on the other side of the white doorway and back in my body feeling expanded and pouring over with love for the privilege of this life, this incarnation…what a blessing it is to be human now. I was left with the knowing in my heart that the greatest service is to hold light, the light of consciousness, of loving awareness, and to let it generously overflow to all.  To ALLOW more light in, and out. To generously surrender resistance to holding more light.

What an opportunity we have to commune with all of life.  If you can imagine it, you can experience it!

What will you create in your life today? 

I am wishing you a joyous Easter communion.

In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda

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  1. Carrie

    Beautiful message from the Sun! I have always loved being outside in the Sun. I find it very energizing.

    1. Waxela Sananda

      Yes, Divinely energizing! Thank you for the comment and for reading the Ascension Journal, Carrie!

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