A Channeled Message : Master Your Life!

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Do you ever have the feeling that something BIG and POWERFUL is trying to speak to you, or THROUGH you, and you just have to stop what you’re doing and give it all of your attention?
These types of experiences are becoming much more common.  People are “waking up”, activating, spiritual gifts are spontaneously turning on, and old wounds and traumas are surfacing to be released.
Energetically speaking, things are INTENSE, and the opportunity to CONNECT with the Divine is more present than ever before.
You may be wondering how you can connect with and embody divine presence, and the answer is, you ARE Divine Presence.  It is in you, it IS you, it is what you are made of, you only need to remember.
Yesterday I was struck with an intense feeling that I needed to connect and receive a message to share with you. I hope this is helpful, a reminder of who you are and how to BE the CREATOR of your reality, rather than the victim of it.
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  1. Cathy

    I’ve been generous and been helping others even when I didn’t have much to help with but what I keep experiencing is people don’t pay me back what they owe me and keep taking advantage of me and my kindness even stealing from me. I’m in the worst place financially I’ve been In ever living on a disability income and a small amount at that unable to pay my bills. I need some help identifying what is within me that I need to fix, heal or change within me cause I don’t know what it is and need help cause I can’t keep doing this.

    1. admin

      Hi Cathy, You are clearly a giver and a supporter of others. It is possible that you have blocked your receiving. Pay attention to how open you are to reeiving each day. Even things like a kind comment or compliment, do you recieve it with a smile and a “Thank you!” or do you shrug it off, or avoid taking it into your heart and feeling the love and good intentions it carries? If someone offers to do a favor for you, even opening a door or offering a hand, do you receive with joy and gratitude? Or do you say, “I’m ok, I don’t need help”? If you find yourself blocking these things, you will also be blocking your ability to receive in larger ways, such as financial. I challenge you to be open to receiving EVERYTHING that is offered in good intention over the next two weeks, and see how it shifts you.

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