2023 Holiday Specials

Activation Package

This package includes six powerful activations with Waxela.  If you are ready for transformation in a big way, do these Activations and you will be well on your way to your next level!  

The activations include:

  • Internal Divinity Activation 
  • Ascension Blueprint Activation
  • Activating Your Divine Gifts
  • Activation of Wholeness, Wisdom, and Divine Truth Embodied
  • Highest Octaves of Self: DNA Activation
  • Creation Codes Activation

Each of these sessions can be done as many times as you desire. 

“When I bring through a spiritual activation, I tap into consciousness to access and transmit Universal Codes.  The receiver who accepts the codes can use them to upgrade, restore, and activate their inherent Wisdom/Gnosis.

It’s not that I have the wisdom, the truth or the light that you need or don’t have. Rather, I produce a key that you can use to open a portal to what has been locked away inside of you.  In the Activations, the key is offered.  Those who choose to open will use that key to access their greatness within.”  ~Waxéla

Regular price for this newly released package is $198.  Through December 15, 2023 you will receive all of these activations for the price of one!

Temporary Holiday Special is $198 $33.33

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ALKYWAN Photon Light Spheres

This is the Divine Light Technology brought to us from the Arcturians and the Angelics that I have been using daily for the last 18 months to support the manifestation of my greatest life, my wholeness, wellness and health, greater prosperity, and living aligned with my PURPOSE!

I am grateful for this technology, and I love sharing it with the world.  This is the biggest sale we have ever offered on ALKYWAN products, and we may not do this again in the future.

These Holiday specials are intended to make it easier for you to choose to work with the photon light energy in your home or personal space, to support your family and relationships if you use it at home, and to support your business and clients if you are using it at work.  

Holiday specials are valid through December 15 only, and shipping times will vary by location.  I can not guarantee you will receive your product on a specific date.  If you require expedited shipping please message me after your purchase and we can arrange that. (there will be an extra fee for expedited shipping).


2″ set of 2 Balancers Save $122 

3.9″ Flow Save $144 

4.7″ Accelerator Save $200 

5.9″ Master Sphere Save $300 

1″ Pendant  Save $66 (+free shipping in continental USA and Europe *except Sweden) 

Shipping $25 flat rate in continental USA

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