😇 Ascended Masters & Angels: My 13th Dr Joe Dispenza Advanced Course Takeaways

When I went to my first Dr Joe Dispenza retreat in 2014 I sat next to an older woman on the first day. She shared with me that it was her 5th time at a Dr Joe advanced retreat. In my naïveté I asked her why she needed to come back 5 times, didn’t she get it the first 4? She laughed.

Now after returning from my 13th advanced retreat last weekend, I’m amused at the idea that a retreat is something to go to, finish and check off the list.

Every time I go, I grow. I expand, my heart opens, I connect, I evolve. This is true for all of the spiritual retreats and efforts we make. Regardless of who is leading it or where it takes place, the power is in taking time to connect with the Divine and deepen our relationship to life. To forget who you were and remember who you are becomming.

In this video I share a few of my experiences and takeaways, especially how to nurture and HOLD the new energy of expansion to become an evolved being.

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